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6 Feng Shui Tips for The Year of the Goat

As we welcome in the new year of the Goat it’s now the perfect time to refresh your surroundings and get your home’s Feng Shui in order.

2015 is the year of the Wood and Earth Goat (or Sheep).  The Goat is a calm animal that symbolises harmony and creativity making it a great year to redecorate.  It cherishes both art and beauty, and desires a safe and cosy environment to retreat to. Use calming tones, natural materials, soft furnishings and nature inspired art to create spaces that inspire luxury, comfort and serenity.


  1. Have a good clear out and get rid of all the unnecessary items that have slowly accumulated around you.  It is never a good idea to enter a new year in a chaotic and messy environment.
  1. Take a note of the first thing that you see in each room or space of your home and office. Make sure that it is welcoming and inviting. It should attract you to want to walk inside.
  1. Invest in plants and flowers. They are a great way to brighten up and energise any space and are seen to bring in good fortune during this wood year.


  1. Paint a ‘feature’ wall and add a fresh look to an otherwise white room. This is said to help eliminate imbalance from the metal element which is associated with the colour white.  You could try a cool blue in the bathroom and a light yellow in the dining room or entrance.
  1. Earthy tones and the use of natural materials are great for this year. Light wooden furniture looks contemporary and smart whilst keeping the space bright and airy.

dining room

  1. Lastly, if you are only going to change one thing this year make it the Kitchen! This is a yang room of the wood element so make sure you keep it clean, clear and bright.

contemporary living and kitchen interior