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Christmas Glamour – Tips & Tricks

It’s hard to believe but December is here!! For most of us that triggers the time to start dusting off the boxes of bulbuls and putting on our santa (decorating) hats.  This is a fun time for the whole family and there is no better time in the year to get a bit creative! So here at Aym Design we have put together a couple of tips and tricks to help you this holiday season.  


Fill Your Home with Christmas Glamour: Choosing a colour scheme and decorating the tree…


Before you start you should set a colour theme.  Take a moment to observe what you already have in the space and then pick a couple of complementing colours. Coming from the UK and in pursuit of a cozy christmas feel, my personal favourites are always a mix of gold and red with warm white lights.  However here in the tropics cool hues of white & sliver work well and can look very sleek and sophisticated.

The picture below is a lovely example of how red and white can come together to create a fresh yet traditional feel.

White&Red Christmas

By limiting our colour palette we are trying to avoid letting ourselves get carried.  What you don’t want is to end up with a random mismatch of everything you pull out of storage!

QUICK TIP 1: This is also good time to sort the decorations for the future.  If you keep passing over the same items year after year then perhaps its time to donate them and clear a bit of extra storage for things that you will use!

Now you have defined your colour scheme is time to start ‘The Tree’ – the new centre piece of your living room!! Real trees are fabulous as they give off an amazing scent which adds to the overall ambience.  Ikea is currently running a promotion and will give you 50% back off the purchase price when you recycle it back to them in January! Alternatively the Christmas stores at all the major department stores (Tangs, Robinsons, Metro) have great fake options along with a great array of beautiful decorations.

Christmas Tree 2

QUICK TIP 2: If you are getting a traditional green tree do make sure your lights have a green cord !! (The shop assistant will not know to think of this and you could end up with a white one!).  

Think of the placement of your ornaments.  The general rule of thumb is to follow the shape of the tree – bigger, heaver pieces placed at the bottom and smaller more delicate items at the top.  I always like thinking of real snow and the cascading effect it would have.

Lastly finish everything off with a traditional tree skirt or try something different such as these tree collars offered at Crate and Barrel in Orchard Road. (Our favourite is the Abaca as the weave adds another layer of homely charm).

Christmas Table


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