Frequently Asked questions



1. Who are we?

We’re an Interior Architecture & Design Studio based in Singapore. We are trained professionals who are passionate about innovative, creative design. Put simply, we work with you to create the best possible design outcomes for your project. Visit our About Us page for more information.

2. Why work with us?

Whatever the project - an extensive renovation or simple advice in regards colour schemes - working with an Interior Designer is an invaluable experience.

Aym Design brings an array of experience and professional skills to the table including detailed design of your space from plans to materials, in-depth knowledge of suppliers and industry contacts, project management and overall coordination. We love collaborating with other professionals and ensure that your project runs on time and to budget.

3. Who can vouch for Aym Design?

We have had the opportunity to work with a broad array of clientele from well-known brands to small local startups. To see what they say about us, head over to our testimonials page.

We also offer interested clients non-committal tours of our completed projects so they can see first hand the quality of work delivered. 



1. What type of projects do you do?

We have worked on an extensive range of commercial projects from local farm shops to exclusive cocktail bars. 

We don't impose a design style on you, rather we listen to your vision, spend time understanding and developing your brand in order to carefully translate this into your ideal space.

2. When should I contact you?

Big or small, we recommend starting the planning process early, when you know you have an upcoming project contact us for a non-committal meet and greet to discuss your wants and needs. Bouncing ideas off us is a great wall to get the ball rolling.

3. What can i do to be prepared?

We recommend starting an online mood board such as Pinterest to have all your inspiration in a central and easily accessible location, you can share the link with us prior to the meeting. Collect all your ideas here, even the crazy ones, from colours to furniture and style. Paper clippings and samples are also great!

Have an idea of requirements and what you want/need to achieve and how this fits in with the functionality of the space.

A rough idea of timeframe and when the works could commence is also helpful. We also advise having a ballpark budget so we can work to a realistic goal.



1. How are your fees structured?

As each project is unique, we need to calculate our fees on your specific needs and requirements.  

For an indicative budget estimate, email us with the project outline and any information you have to date. 

2. What is included in your design package?

Our recommended consultancy package includes the following:

- Design direction and concept planning.

- Detailed space planning, architectural drawings and lighting designs

- Selection and sourcing of material finishes, fixtures and bespoke fittings

- Design documentation

- Project Management and Coordination

The above steps will take you from conception to completion.  However, as needs change from client to client so does the package,  We are flexible in our delivery and we will adapt to suit your project and business needs as necessary.

3. Can you work within my budget?

 At Aym Design a budget is a challenge, not a restriction! We pride ourselves on our innovative designs and producing maximum impact for minimum spend. Through our industry partnerships and experience with a broad range of materials, we work hard to ensure your budget is respected.

4. Are there any hidden costs?

Put simply, no.

We are always transparent with our clients and are committed to outlining all costs prior to project kick-off. From time to time, designs can evolve or something may arise throughout the project lifecycle – should this be the case, you'll be the first to know.

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