Find the perfect space for your business - know all the facts before you sign a lease and avoid costly mistakes!


Before you sign a lease...

It is often tough to know where to start when looking for a space for your business.  There are many factors to consider before signing a lease, such as project budgets and timelines.  Not to mention having to juggle the wants and needs of the different people and stakeholders involved.  

That's where we come in, we will:

  • help you to define your brief, and realise your space requirements
  • draft preliminary layout options 
  • provide estimated construction budgets and project timelines
  • compile a summary report to share with investors or board members

Why is this so important?

Signing a property lease is a big cost decision for many companies.  Committing to a long term contract without knowing all the facts can be potentially disastrous.  

This initial planning stage eliminates any unanswered questions and ensures that the space will function the way you imagine it and can be built within the budget or time you have set aside.  

Our Package

We have several packages available to give you the peace of mind you need to quickly secure your new unit.  

Prices range from SS480 - S$5200 depending on the size of your space and number of comparison sites.  This services can also be provided virtually but we will require a basic floor plan and site photos - these can normally be provided by your property agent.   

Ultimately, we want to help you avoid any costly mistakes and provide you with everything you need to sign a lease with the confidence and assurance that the location and space work for your business.

GUIDES & Resources



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