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Feng Shui Tips for the Year of the Rooster

True to the Roosters Zodiac, this year might’ve ruffled a few feathers already!  To counter this, we’ve put together a few Feng Shui Tips to start the Chinese New Year on a positive note.

Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” and is an ancient philosophy which aligns people, objects, and symbols with the twelve zodiac signs. The practice of Feng Shui is particularly prevalent in Asia but also practised worldwide.


To celebrate the year of the Rooster in your workplace, have artworks of a Rooster or Phoenix printed and framed. Not only will this add fun seasonal décor, but it’s also said to increase business opportunities – which is certainly worth a try! Another quick and cost effective way to introduce the symbols of 2017, is to have seasonal decals produced for your entrance or meeting rooms.  These are great you can quickly update them to align with your latest marketing campaigns.

Use Earthy Colours

The Rooster years’ element, fire, translates to the symbolic colour red. For decorating your home or office, colours that will bring you luck and prosperity this year are yellow, ochre and brown. A quick and affordable way to introduce these colours is through soft furnishings such as throw cushions for your sofa, or a fresh (or faux!) floral display. If you do want to use red, or white, just compliment this with an earthy colour – this is said to harmonise the energy flows.


Go Green

The careful selection and attention to the plants in your environment will increase your Feng Shui this Rooster Year.  Plants such as bamboo are ideal for people who lack a green thumb (me!), as they grow strongly, quickly and upwards.  Try to avoid using the money plant; it’s long branches have the potential to wilt – which you want to avoid!  Orchids, lilies, and peonies are encouraged to be on display, but like the money plant watch out that they don’t wilt!

Tidiness is Key

Finally, as the year of the rooster is synonymous with fast-paced activity, keep your home and tidy clean to increase clarity and luck. Try to finish and tidy away one task before you move to the next. This is a great opportunity to clean up your desk, maybe even your desktop and do an often very therapeutic “rooster-clean”.