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Greenery: How to use Pantone’s Colour of the year

By now, we (likely) all know Pantone’s colour of the year is…Greenery!


Whilst there has been a mixed reception of this year’s choice, we love incorporating green in our designs, and are inspired by the colour’s back story.  Greenery is inspired by time spent outdoors exploring, lush plentiful foliage and simply taking a moment to revive your senses. This notion, we feel, is particularly relevant to our lives today… As we’re spending more time indoors at our desks or on the couch enjoying the AC, it’s a timely reminder to return to our roots and simply enjoy nature.

We’re certainly not in favour of painting all your walls in Greenery, or buying a statement green lounge.  Instead, we suggest that you introduce a subtle and refreshing pop of green in the following ways…


Integrating Greenery through plants


As Pantone’s name suggests, bring elements of the outdoors in, and integrate green through plants.

Introducing plants into your home or office is proven to boost productivity and clean the air.  They become your very own eco-friendly air purifiers so there is really no way to go wrong! At Aym Design, we favour plants with strong architectural elements like the fiddle leaf, bamboo or the rather aptly named, mother in laws tongue. There are some great planter pots on the market to take your plant installation to the next level.  We suggest taking a walk around the big Garden Centers on Thomson Road and see what takes your fancy!

Another option, if you can not use the real thing, is to create a cosy break-out space or add life to a bare wall by adding in some faux grass! We have now used this in several of our commercial projects and have had great feedback from the users!



Consider Greenery in your material choices


We’ve been working with wallpapers combining lush jungle scenes with strong design elements such geometrics. This introduces a variety of colours and vibrancy, and in some cases, a rich textural layer. Wallpapers can be used as a feature wall, or use on all walls for a funky and daring design choice.  Variants of the banana leaf, palms and fronds are currently trending.

Consider some of these lush wallpapers and fabric prints from Pierre Frey (showroom on Martin Road, Singapore).  We are a huge fan and have implemented ‘Papagayo‘ in one of our latest projects on Keong Saik Road.


Decal graphics are another great way to incorporate greenery into your home or office. Particularly for corporate spaces, decals are a cost effective, semi-permanent solution. Display brand icons, slogans or inspirational quotes in the colour of the year to add vibrancy and fun to your work environment. Decal stickers can be applied to most surfaces safely including glass, plasterboard and laminates.

So, this year, stay on trend and try one of these timeless greenery tricks!