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Office Design for Singapore Retailers Association

The 2477sqft commercial design & build project was completed in April 2015 for The Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) at The Adelphi Building, Singapore

Our main challenge for this project was to find a way to help them make the very most out of their new space as cost effectively as possible and then to get them moved in as quickly as we could.

Alongside an understandably tight budget and a short time frame we had several other major design challenges to take into consideration.  The first was that the new unit was actually smaller than their previous one, and they still needed to incorporate the same number of staff and facilities.  The second is that the office should remain as a ‘timeless’ space that could serve them for many years to come.  Lastly the office unit, located in the centre of the building had no windows or natural light filtering in at all and over time these enclosed spaces can become very hard places to work.


General Office


To address these points we needed to make sure the concept was kept both happy and inviting.  We used bright, sunny colours alongside light wood finishes to provoke a cheerful yet calm atmosphere.

The floor plan ended up being divided up into four main areas; two general office spaces for their two main departments each with its own private director/manager office, a central shared utility and storage space and finally, a large multipurpose space with a central operable wall.  This allowed the space to either be totally open for big events or it could be closed to create two separate sound proof training rooms.



Despite the various challenges we overcame each obstacle, completed the build within 6 weeks and both parties were very happy with the final result.

Check out some of our snaps below illustrating the fit-out process from the initial design proposal, the build and finally the finished office.